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Easy installation of touchpad drivers!

Synaptics Touchpad Driver is a free toolset containing touch-control drivers for laptops. While most laptops come with pre-installed drivers, files that control the driver set could be mistakenly removed or get corrupted. In such situations, Synaptics Touchpad Driver comes in handy. With the fastest installation process among touchpad drivers for Windows 10, this toolset doesn’t require much know-how or other details. Simply download Synaptics Touchpad Driver and follow the prompts for quick installation.

A good toolset to speed up your touchpad!

Synaptics Touchpad Driver is the perfect tool for laptops with touchpads. While working on a laptop, a touchpad is perhaps the most important tool. If it stops working properly, you need an easy-to-implement and quick solution. While there may be a problem with the hardware, installing Synaptics Touchpad Driver resolves the issue most of the time. Moreover, when you install Synaptics Touchpad Driver, it gives you the option to deactivate or activate your laptop’s touchpad. It’s a feature that manufacturers don’t often leave on the table.

In general, a touchpad allows you to work on a laptop as you would on a smartphone or tablet. Simply put, it provides you with better accessibility to a wide range of programs on the system. Like other utilities and tools in your Windows laptop, the touchpad also requires regular updates. When you have Synaptics Touchpad Driver installed on the laptop, it regularly updates the driver set to keep everything functional.

Ease-of-use and quick installation

In order to continue using a functional and problem-free touchpad on the laptop, you need a trusted driver set. Synaptics Touchpad Driver is the most reliable name in the industry. It’s easy and quick to install the program, which also keeps your touchpad updated. Once you’ve downloaded and installed this tool, you can customize the settings to install future updates automatically.

With a functional driver set for Windows, it’s difficult to use the touchpad on your laptop. You may face problems with calibration or the basic functioning of the touchpad. Since Synaptics Touchpad Driver is free to download and use, it’s an effortless choice to keep your laptop’s touchpad in excellent condition.

Keeps the driver set updated

As mentioned earlier, the most important reason to use Synaptics Touchpad Driver is to receive the latest updates for the laptop’s touchpad. Without updating your touchpad on a regular basis, you might face issues with the proper functioning of the touchpad. It can make working on your laptop incredibly difficult. With Synaptics Touchpad Driver, you have better accessibility to the touchpad all the time.

Since the toolset is free to download and install, it saves a good amount of your time and money in the long run. As such, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead with this driver set for your Windows laptop.

Key enhancements to the driver set

Once you install the latest version of Synaptics Touchpad Driver, it will allow you to use the pointing device easily. There are several advanced functions, such as the ability to use two fingers to scroll vertically or horizontally, zoom out or in, and rotate the screen at 90 degrees.

In addition to this, after installing the driver set, you’ll be able to navigate rapidly through documents and files using the three-finger flick. Synaptics download also allows you to minimize or switch applications with the four-finger flick.

Apart from linear scrolling, the driver set comes with the Chiral Scroll option, which allows you to scroll continuously in a two-way circular pattern. Additionally, it adds the Top, Right, and Left-edge swipe controls, supported by a wide range of Windows versions.

Unlike other touchpad tools for Windows, Synaptics Touchpad Driver allows you to define hot corners, which let you conveniently launch a program when tapped. For instance, you can set up the screen’s top-left corner as a hotspot to open Word, Paint, or some other native program from Microsoft. Moreover, with this driver set, you can install Scrybe, which allows you to initiate the canvas for drawing gestures to give commands.

Bring the touchpad back to life!

Synaptics Touchpad Driver download is the perfect choice for laptops with corrupted driver files. It’s also an essential toolset for times when you’ve mistakenly removed the driver files. Synaptics Touchpad Driver not only makes your laptop’s touchpad functional but keeps installing updates on a regular basis to keep it in good condition. The step-by-step installation process is easy and quick, ensuring hassle-free usage.


  • Easy and quick installation
  • Regularly installs updates
  • Free to download and use
  • Doesn’t affect system performance


  • Doesn’t work with some laptops
  • Not required if existing drivers work


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User reviews about Synaptics Touchpad Driver

  • Angela Langdon

    by Angela Langdon

    It is Awesome. I am going for a new version, and had to uninstall to get the newer version, so will still be using it!!

  • ankit jain

    by ankit jain

    Not working. Message of Installation failed keeps popping up just after files start to copy.

  • Yurinov Obish

    by Yurinov Obish

    The touch pad cannot function well without the driver. I think its critical that it is installed

  • Carol DeLis

    by Carol DeLis

    I HATE it! Pointer keeps JUMPING to where I do NOT want it! A few ago it opened a bookmark on its own! Further, it is NONresponsive More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Hate it..
    I hate it beyond belief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lose it and have to reload it only to disable it. Pros: Nothing

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Not good.
    It just kept messing with my touch-pad... now I can't live without a real mouse lol

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